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Our colleagues have deep understanding and experience in exploring, developing and excavating the areas of solid mineral resources.

We undertake

  • to explore possible areas of solid mineral resources and analyse their  geological data
  • to plan the excavation of mining areas
  • to plan the processing of raw materials
  • to crush and separate  raw materials
  • technical management
  • to do excavation and processing tasks on demand
  • to  make and install technologies and machines


Environment protection

Our colleagues took part in tasks related to environmental protection and remediation. They also designed and implemented grounds for waste management and recycling

 We undertake

  • to eliminate the polluting sources  and damaged ground
  • to plan and process recultivation/remediation of colliery dumps and other industrial pollution
  • to process the sludge area of former holding ponds of raw materials
  • to plan and carry out remediation of contaminated areas
  • to handle and eliminate sewage sludge


Heavy industrial technologies

My colleagues have had experience related to planning and processing in heavy industrial technologies in Hungary and abroad since 1957. They had planned and operated tasks in coal and ore enrichment.

  • Transporting and dealing with slurry
  • Developing and delivering techniques of concentration of raw materials containing solid minerals
  • Regaining valuable materials from colliery dumps. Processing its particular techniques

Earth science’s expert activity

Our experts can help explore localities of deposit in respect of geology, geophysics and geotechnics. We have experience and expertise in works related to embankment walls, underworld areas, and waste management projects.

We undertake

  • to plan and manage geological and geophysical exploration of raw materials
  • to provide technical management and geological expert to mining or other special geotechnical tasks
  • to provide technical education related to engineering geology and mining

Hydraulic engineering

We undertake tasks related to dredging and sludge clearance from exploitation to the processing of product. We plan and deliver biological recultivation of lakes and rivers. On demand we can design and produce a suction dredger.

We undertake

  • special hydraulic engineering tasks such as sludge dredging and sludge processing
  •  to restart disused wet mining operations
  • to plan, organize and implement technical and biological recultivation of wet areas
  • to design and to make suction dredgers