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Our colleagues took part in the following projects (i.a.)


Taksony I. – planning and operating a sand pit and a gravel-pit,

Nógrádsáp I. – planning and operating a gravel-pit

Beled „Sós Vica dűlő” homok – planning and operating of sand and gravel exploration

Bercel I. – andesite mine, crushing and separating

Veszpém-Kádárta I. – dolomite mine, crushing and separating

Heavy industrial technologies

Putnok, Hungary – processing of coal mining colliery dump, excavation of coal

Coal washeries of coal mines in Borsod, Tatabánya, Oroszlány, Mecsek

Spain,  Asturiana Minos de Figaredo,  Naloni – Zink and lead flotation plants

Turkey, Catalagzi – coal-slurry strainer plant

Ukraine, Kommendanskaia (mining areas in Doneck) –  anthracite flotation plant

Ukraine, Chervonohrad – cylone-spiral operated coal-concentrating plant

Environment protection

Taksonyi – Isolating landfill in Taksony – planning

Várpalota – Inota – Regional planning of soot and slag colliery dumps extracted from the power plant

Várpalota – Inota- Planning and operating sewing sludge composting plant with our own technique

Budapest – Csepel, – producing special ’living cover’ material from debris

Dunaújváros, steel-works – processing of slag colliery dumps into road-works material

Earth sciense’s expert activity

Nógrádsáp I. – planning and implementing waste management plant of the gravel-pit

Examination of ground-water circulation after deposing the materials coming from the construction of the 4th underground line – planning

Hydraulic engineering

Bugyi VI. – Restarting the usage of the mine lakes of the disused mine – planning and constructing

Bugyi, Délegyháza, Visegrád – Designing and constructing suction dredgers on-demand

Visegrád – building of the rest pond