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About Us

„Science is serving life”

Dear Inquirer,

Öko Tech Kft. is dealing with planning and implementing heavy industrial technologies and environmental management related techniques.

Natural resource management is coeval with the appearance of living organisms on Earth. Our principle is that only responsible and sustainable use of these resources can serve mankind on the long run.

Industry, which makes the necessary objects of our lives, needs raw materials and produces by-products. We can help exploit and manufacture these raw materials. We can also assist to abolish or decrease the by-products and the occurring contamination.

Our colleagues have had experience for over years and decades in planning and operating in the field of heavy industry and environmental protection.

We are ready to help you in the following areas of expertise:

  • planning and operating of mining areas
  • sizing,  purchasing, and producing mining machines
  •  designing and implementing techniques related to processing and concentrating of raw materials
  •  analysing the potential processing of colliery dumps and elaborating the processing technologies
  •  surveying of destructed areas, landscape architecture
  • planning and operating sludge- handling
  • planning and operating special dredging/hydraulic engineering tasks
  • doing geodesic measuring, mine measuring, making geological expert opinion

Even if you cannot find the task in the list above related to heavy industry, environmental management or earth science, please feel free to contact us and our experts are ready to help you.